Mexico: 40 years of pride

Known as the pride month, we finally got to meet and celebrate these 40 years of pride in Mexico City. As every year, LGBTTTI community along with their relatives and friends met at Zócalo in order to claim the right to be treated as any other person in this country. This year the phrase given to the event was “40 years living in liberty. We won’t give up!”
According to our city government, 250 000 people congregated around Paseo de la Reforma and Zócalo to celebrate all these years of social liberty. It started at 10:00 am, they walked all the way from Reforma to Zócalo surrounded by colors, smiles, courage and, of course, pride.


However, this traditional-old fashion country seems to show certain resistance to diversity and some people requested to cancel the event. 40 years are a great achievement and, yet, we get to see some people saying this is not progress. Mexico has a problem with tolerance and even if our governors show us statistics about how our society has grown to tolerate and respect differences, we can notice in our daily life how little we have come to really be a tolerant society.


On the other hand, the Mexican soccer team won the Korea vs Mexico match and fanatics usually take Reforma to celebrate which would mean an encounter between LGBTTTI community and them; I was afraid something could go wrong since Mexican football fans are extremely frenetic and they might have had an aggressive behavior with the community. Fortunately, no transgressions were reported officially but I am pretty sure they were not precisely nice, they were there just because Mexico won a football match.

Anyway, in order to celebrate this social accomplish and show support to the community, a concert was given after everyone got to Zócalo. 22 artists were part of it and people showed very excited, me included, since the last one is my favorite and I was totally surprised when I knew about her performance. Among my favorite ones were Kenya Sainz, Iskander and the one I loved the most: Fey.


To sum up, I would like to live in a tolerant-diversified country with no fears of showing who I am or what I like. I am a 23-year-old woman who is afraid everyday to go out alone or with friends as intolerance and disrespectful shadows of our society are still around the corner. It is not just about sexual diversity but everything and Mexico is still trying to move on. I truly believe we can do better.


My little adventure in Nayarit, Mexico



Tepic, Nayarit


Getting to know this fascinating place I had never visited before or even heard of was such a sublime experience. I am Mexican and I tend to visit the most recognized cities in my country, so being in Nayarit was really illuminating and I had the opportunity to learn so many personal and professional things.
The beauty of their people just leaves you astonished, they are kind, generous and gentle; they simply want you to enjoy yourself and have a good time. I found this unbelievable mostly because in big cities like mine people are aggressive and sometimes rude. On the contrary, people from Nayarit are always available to help you in any way they can and I found the best friends there.


The first places I visited were, of course, the beaches. How couldn’t I? Although, I am not a big fan of beaches I could not stop going there, I just had to.
I did not stop in every one of them but I visited most of them. San Blas, Guayabitos, Playa Platanitos and Sayulita were some of them, it was too much sun for me but it was relaxing just being there listening to the sea weaves, watching the sunset and later the most splendid sky full of shinning stars I do not get to see every day here at home.

Sayulita, Nayarit



I totally love colorful stuff. Clearly Mexico is one of the most colorful countries in the world. Mexico is best known for handicraft, everywhere I went I did not stop watching these bright multicolor neckless, bracelets, watches, pencils and everything you can imagine made by the original culture which I later knew are the Wixarika people or, if you prefer to call them, Huichol people. They do all kind of crafts and I could see all kind of colors by just walking around.

Tepic, Nayarit

Nights here are quite delightful and pleasant. I could not get such a great time to please myself than here.